2nd to none Fitness

New Orleans

Founded in 2012 by Moe Flippen, To None Fitness raises the bar in the fitness world with innovative training methods, well-trained staff, and a comfortable and motivating environment. 2nd To None fitness is the training home for Moe Flippen, Brittany Nelson, & Joe Terry. All 3 trainers have a unique training skill that makes 2nd To None fitness the best place to train in New Orleans and online classes. 2nd to None Fitness trainers has over 8 years of experience in fitness training. With the certifications and appropriate educational background, Their trainers has the patience and understanding to work with diverse populations and customize workout plans to meet individual needs and achieve goals. At 2nd to None Fitness we inspire our clients to reach any fitness goal they desire. Whether you’re getting back in shape or training for an athletic event, we pride ourselves on maintaining a healthy environment and all of our services are achievable to “EARN DAT BODY”


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Shatoya Key March 20, 2019 00:06 / PS5 ONLINE Workout Experience

Although I started the challenge a week after it started, I’m ready for all this challenge has to offer. I’ve been working out prior to joining this challenge but my eating habits haven’t been so great. The trainers and participants are amazing. I feel the difference in my body already. Good luck to everyone that has joined the challenge, we got this. Let’s #earndatbody 💪🏽💪🏽

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Nekesha Lamar March 19, 2019 20:09 / PS5 ONLINE Workout Experience

Great workout today!! FYI my video has no sound :-( I stayed in there tho!

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Asia Malone March 16, 2019 18:48 / PS5 ONLINE Workout Experience

Feeling amazing so far. Never really paid attention to all the bad foods I was eating until this challenge. Haven't weighed since starting, more of a lifestyle change for me!

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Brandi Stapleton March 15, 2019 00:20 / PS5 ONLINE Workout Experience

Great workout


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