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Hey guys! My name is Bria Nicole, I am an ACSM certified personal trainer, Orangetheory fitness coach, and lifelong athlete. From a young age fitness has been a major part of my life! I grew up in the Midwest where I played multiple sports, starting at the age of 6. Basketball, track, and softball were some that really stuck with me and I started to excel at as I continued to get older.

I moved to Atlanta in 2007, narrowed down my love for sports to just basketball and track, spending countless hours working at these! Basketball was always my first love. I wanted the whole love and basketball life. (fav. movie ever!) But really, I imagined I’d go to school for basketball..definitely shooting for D1, then head straight to the WNBA. One out of two, not bad right? I went to Kennesaw State University on a full ride basketball scholarship where I played division 1 basketball for 4 years, majoring in Exercise Science.


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