Chelcie scott

Atlanta, Georgia

Are you ready to reach your goals and be coached through this journey of a healthier you!! Its not an easy one, but it only gets easier with dedication, commitment & resilience. Those principles not only define me but what it takes to get on the right path involving your health. We all have our own journey HOWEVER, if you stay true to yourself and put those principles into practice, the journey of living a healthier lifestyle will "come to past"!



FIND YOUR STRONG PROGRAM will inspire and motivate you whether you're an aspiring athlete, want to get back in shape or just need to up your game to make your body strong inside and out! Join now "14 DAY TRAINING & DEVOTIONS" begins JUNE 25TH! This program is 14 DAYS of FULL BODY CONDITIONING & DAILY DEVOTIONS to help with your MIND, BODY, & SPIRIT! All levels of fitness and walks of life are welcome to join myself and my mother (Pastor Davis) on this continuous journey of GROWTH!


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Marquita P June 25, 2018 23:59 / 14 DAY TRAINING & DEVOTIONS

I love that you're doing this!!!! I have daily scripture-based confessions and this is so on time. I prayed at the beginning of the year to get back active and have been intentional in doing a little at a time because of a recent hospital stay due to kidney rejection. My goal is to get back active and eat foods to heal my body so I can have a healthy heart rate and get back to me.

Camille Henry May 02, 2017 22:35 / 4 WEEK CORE & GLUTE GUIDE

I am enjoying this new format for the workouts. It is much easier to work with one page for a week than to check-in everyday. Also, the workouts are great themselves. Thank you!

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Adelma Phillips April 24, 2017 22:28 / TONE & CURVE GUIDE

Chelci is such an Amazing Trainer! I took a chance on her as she was the first Fitness Instructor I ever paid for and I am now on my 6th Program of hers! She is so passionate about her craft and I see why!! Her methods work wonders if you apply yourself 100% !! She does an awesome job covering you from beginning to end. She provides everything you need to be successful and then some! From her grocery lists, to food recipes, to video demonstrations, and so much more, she really goes above and beyond for her Clients! She believes in herself and her program which in turn makes me believe in her and myself as well!! Great energy, personality, vibes, and most of all,- RESULTS !! Lifetime Fan over here! Thank you so much for everything Chelci!

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Shantara King April 24, 2017 15:53 / TONE & CURVE GUIDE

Hello! Will week 3 be added this week? I'm not showing it listed.


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