Chelcie scott

Atlanta, Georgia


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Marquita P June 25, 2018 23:59 / 14 DAY TRAINING & DEVOTIONS

I love that you're doing this!!!! I have daily scripture-based confessions and this is so on time. I prayed at the beginning of the year to get back active and have been intentional in doing a little at a time because of a recent hospital stay due to kidney rejection. My goal is to get back active and eat foods to heal my body so I can have a healthy heart rate and get back to me.

Camille Henry May 02, 2017 22:35 / 4 WEEK CORE & GLUTE GUIDE

I am enjoying this new format for the workouts. It is much easier to work with one page for a week than to check-in everyday. Also, the workouts are great themselves. Thank you!

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Adelma Phillips April 24, 2017 22:28 / TONE & CURVE GUIDE

Chelci is such an Amazing Trainer! I took a chance on her as she was the first Fitness Instructor I ever paid for and I am now on my 6th Program of hers! She is so passionate about her craft and I see why!! Her methods work wonders if you apply yourself 100% !! She does an awesome job covering you from beginning to end. She provides everything you need to be successful and then some! From her grocery lists, to food recipes, to video demonstrations, and so much more, she really goes above and beyond for her Clients! She believes in herself and her program which in turn makes me believe in her and myself as well!! Great energy, personality, vibes, and most of all,- RESULTS !! Lifetime Fan over here! Thank you so much for everything Chelci!

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Shantara King April 24, 2017 15:53 / TONE & CURVE GUIDE

Hello! Will week 3 be added this week? I'm not showing it listed.

Lacey Rhinehart April 10, 2017 17:22 / TONE & CURVE GUIDE

Good afternoon! I only received on routine for day1. When will we receive the full workout plan?

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Dominique Morton January 30, 2017 18:02 / Your New is Now!

Awesome challenge! I loved how she had a video with each exercise, it made it a lot easier for me to perform them correctly. The cardio was awesome as well!!

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Tor Hawley January 27, 2017 16:08 / Your New is Now!

This challenge was just that--challenging! I loved that I finished each workout sweaty and with full knowledge that I challenged myself. I especially liked the variety of cardio workouts. Additionally, Chelcie made it easy to use. Each workout is linked to a video in order to ensure that you're doing the correct exercise with correct form. As a former D1 athlete with lots of experience with various workouts, I leave this challenge very impressed and thankful!

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Dalisha Williams January 23, 2017 14:25 / Your New is Now!

Great core, glute, and back routines!

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Dalisha Williams October 31, 2016 18:46 / 4 WEEK CORE & GLUTE GUIDE

I am impressed by the format Chelcie used for this guide, providing a different workout each day for four weeks. I am also impressed with the links to how to properly do each exercise. I have participated in other Trainersvault sessions and this has been the most thorough and effective for me.


This is AMAZING! So detailed and every work out mentioned has a linked video ! Honestly you can tell she has put so much time and effort into this. Love it!!!!

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Valentina Bailey September 11, 2016 11:47 / 4 WEEK CORE & GLUTE GUIDE

So excited ! Do we get an email from you?

teaira gaines August 26, 2016 19:09 / 21 DAY CORE & GLUTE BLAST

The workouts are simple but very effortive. Definitely picked up a lot of new exercises to add to my routines. Great challenge, my flutes and thighs are burning lol.

Stevie Martin August 01, 2016 19:02 / 21 DAY CORE & GLUTE BLAST

I received the videos. I have completed the workout. I need to take pics. Thanx!

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Wykia Jones July 11, 2016 22:19 / 14 Day Back & Booty Blast

Loveeee this plan! Great workout :)

July 10, 2016 22:35 / 14 Day Back & Booty Blast

Great workouts & food guides! I would definitely recommend anyone to try it out. If you want change, this is the challenge for you.

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Iesha Quinn July 09, 2016 13:50 / 14 Day Back & Booty Blast

Love this challenge I had great results at only day 6!

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Melissa Henry July 08, 2016 02:55 / 14 Day Back & Booty Blast

Omg! This challange is awsome ......u wanna sweat do this challange!

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Paris Sandoval March 19, 2016 20:26 / Flawlesschelc 7-Day "Ab Sweat" Challenge

This ab sweat challenge was nothing less than intense and challenging. The meal plan was very inexpensive and convienent for me as a mother of two small children. The results I got were unbelievable. My stomach hasn't looked as good as it does since before I had my first child 5 years ago. I'm looking forward to another FLAWLESSFITNESS challenge in the near future.

Jill Peters March 13, 2016 18:00 / Flawlesschelc 7-Day "Ab Sweat" Challenge

Love this series! Looking forward to next challenge you have! Feel so so so much better than I did Monday! Less stressed and kept pushing! I'm excited to see myself in a month! Bikini season is upon us! You rock Chelcie! 😎

Brittani Green March 12, 2016 16:55 / Flawlesschelc 7-Day "Ab Sweat" Challenge

Day 6 more sweat and more sweat! Those Pikes!!! #Complete

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Chiara Martinez March 12, 2016 02:33 / Flawlesschelc 7-Day "Ab Sweat" Challenge

You definitely should have another one, you know your stuff and provided the right nutrition in order to lose quick and easy! Thank YOU Chel! #COMETOMIAMISOON :)

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Monique Howsen March 11, 2016 20:27 / Flawlesschelc 7-Day "Ab Sweat" Challenge

This was the best ab series. If you have another session, I will sign up with no problem. Thank you for doing this.