Carmen Morgan



Jena Hernandez January 19, 2017 20:02 / Holiday Booty Builder Challenge

Very easy to follow. Workouts were very challenging and easy to do for beginners as well. I was able to power through the Holiday Booty Builder Challenge through week 3, and then I came down with the flu, so was unable to finish the last week. But with just doing this workout on schedule from week 1 to 3, and maybe getting in 30-40 minutes walking on the treadmill twice a week, and watching my portion sizes and making a few more healthful eating choices when out with the family, I actually lost 3 pounds, which is a healthy 1 pound a week. But let me tell you, I received several compliments from family members during the holidays about how good I looked and asking what I was doing. My mom actually commented and said my legs looked great! LOL! So this booty challenge definitely worked! I also have been following Carmen's workouts on Instagram and love them. Thank you, Carmen, keep it up!! Can't wait for the app!!

Jessica Trapp January 05, 2017 20:41 / Holiday Booty Builder Challenge

Easy to follow schedule, program, videos. Thank you for a great booty building workout!

Sherieen Glast January 04, 2017 20:51 / Holiday Booty Builder Challenge

I have been following Carmen on Instagram for a month prior to challenge and due to there being so many videos did not know where to start. The Holiday Booty Builder Challenge however; provided a schedule which made it much easier. Also, the videos provided a variety of exercises that was challenging and fun. I really loved the challenge and cannot wait for the next one!