Noelle Benepe

Los Angeles

Rock Your Curves

30 Day Full Body Transformation

4 Week - How To: Glute Guide

VISION: To empower every woman who has every viewed themselves as weak. To give belief that anything is possible. To make a positive world wide impact on self image. I think I can speak for anyone who dreams big, that the challenges to success can be painful, defeating, lonely, and scary. No matter how hard your situation can get never allow what's current to effect what's coming. Keep your eye on the prize.


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Michelle Jackson August 11, 2023 04:26 / Rock Your Curves

Same as below, when I purchased it said these would always be available but I can no longer access

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Carolina Solis July 28, 2023 13:40 / Rock Your Curves

Where are my workouts???!!!! Why are they in private???

Claudia Sanchez July 19, 2019 19:49 / 30 Day H.I.T. Challenge

AMAZING!! I bought this back in 2016, did it, accomplished great results and have used it as my Go-To ever since. I am post baby and getting back into my routine of working out and I will be using this, again!

Bonnie Eger January 07, 2017 01:08 / Booty core and more for 21 days straight

She's legit 💪🏼


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